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Soliom Security Camera
Soliom Security Camera
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These days, it’s only natural to be concerned about security at your home or business. If someone’s trying to steal your property, you want to know about it! A good security camera can help you keep tabs, even when you’re not on-site yourself. Soliom security camera is an affordable security camera that helps you to protect your home or office. With night vision features, you can see the night view clearly. 

Configure your Soliom security IP camera on your mobile device and stream live views from anywhere at any time. If this camera detects any motion, then it sends the notifications to you. Soliom camera has 14400mAH rechargeable batteries. You need to insert an 8MB micro SD card to set up the Soliom camera. Connect your Soliom camera to a 2.4g WiFi network for a successful installation.

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